Month: August 2013

The 10 Things A Single Girl Learned from Watching Bridezillas

Well, it finally happened. Bridezillas is coming to an end. After realizing most of the women on this show were beyond entertaining (if that’s what you call it), I began watching when I wanted a peek into the world of women such as these. As I watched, I learned a few lessons on love and marriage I could use later! Here are ten lessons I gathered from ten seasons of crazy.

1. Men marry the crazy girl…:
For all the fuss I have read across the Internet and from male friends about “the crazy girl” it seems that they keep getting married. The thing I still can’t figure out is why? Since I do not possess the ‘Y’ chromosome, someone who does will have to enlighten me. Is it all the yelling? Does that just turn you guys on or something? Well, it kinda gives me a headache so on to the next lesson…
2. Planning a wedding is the perfect excuse to curse everyone out!
I never knew this until I started watching the show. Want an excuse to curse your mother out? Plan your wedding! Secretly hate your best friend/cousin/sister/fiancé? Go dress shopping with them! Everyone will understand because after all, you are planning your wedding! If they don’t, it is perfectly okay for you, a grown woman, to cry and curse anyone who challenges you. And no, it does not mean you might need to “talk to someone…”
3. Not all of that crazy is for the show:
There’s a reason the replacement for this show is “Marriage Bootcamp” where former couples from the show come to get counseling. I say make the right decision the first time and there is no need for a second marriage.
4. Weddings are had only to cause envy in others:
All of the girls seem to want “their day” to be more spectacular and expensive than someone else’s. I thought the wedding was simply to exchange vows with the person you love and have decided to share your life with.
5. If you can’t afford it, just accuse the vendor of bad customer service:
It seems like all of the brides on this show that can’t afford a service always accuse the vendor of conspiring to ruin “their day.” After the accusation, they walk out and refuse to pay for the service rendered. Seems legit to me (and I have seen this done in real life by a family member!).
6. Your fiancé is simply a supporting cast member in your one-woman show:
This is “your day” gosh darn it! How dare your fiancé think he has anything to do with it! Tell him to get in line and follow the script!
7. The smaller the town, the worse the bridezilla—I mean princess:
Just watch the show. Some of these places are so obscure I have to look on a map to find them—and I live in Alabama! Yet, these are the girls most likely to insist that their wedding is the most important event to happen this year. You know, maybe that is true…in that town.
8. Some of these people actually get divorced:
I’m not even going to comment.
9. I would rather have love than a fancy wedding:
This is something some of the women in my generation have not grasped yet. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in the glitz of dresses, décor and such, but you have picked your dress before you have met your mate. A little backwards, methinks.
10. Weddings are not the Marriage:
I would rather a less-than perfect wedding with the man who loves me unconditionally and brings out the best in me. I can wait for that. I can wait for the man who will wait for me. I can wait for the man who sees the cool, nerdy me and the stressed, scared me and loves both. I can wait for the man who doesn’t care if I wear makeup and a dress or khakis and a Star Wars shirt. I can wait to build a foundation to marriage with the man who is worth it and knows I am, too. A wedding is but a fleeting moment in a lifetime together in a strong and loving marriage. I can wait for that, even if the wedding is at the courthouse.

Goodbye, Bridezillas. I hope you never return to torment us with your presence…or lack of presents.


To My Best Friend Now Gone/Be Not Afraid

I met you in what seems a century ago. Young, optimistic, with our futures ahead, I saw into your heart and admired you as a man. However, if I knew the pain you were feeling, I am not sure I would have stayed as long as I did. If I were aware of your trials and the demons you harbored, I may have taken a different seat in that classroom that day.  However, we entered each other’s lives without a clue to the future ahead. As the months turned to years, you started to become sad. I pulled as you pushed away, not knowing your thoughts or cares. There you were, just beyond reach…even when we decided to become just a bit more.
The days grew darker when we finally parted ways. My heart filled with sorrow and pain wondering how love could be taken away. “If only…but why?” filled my mind. Questions never answered and left hanging above warm sand. Was it too hard? Were the trials that difficult? Why could no one help? If only you let someone in that wall you built. I stand guard at the gates to my heart, careful now with who enters. I hold fear of what may happen, and wonder if it was all worth it. I wonder what you truly thought as the days we shared grew further apart. All I wanted was my best friend. You, the one I thought knew me so well; the best friend I played with under the stars, the best friend I laughed with when darkness filled the skies. However, the truth is harsh in the morning light. I see now how little you were capable of caring. I see how much pain you carried as life weighed you down. If only I could…if only you would have let me help. Questions asked to no one out loud and answers that will never be heard. Would it be better had I not met you that day? Would our lives be different if…? My best friend I can call no more, I guess I will see you some day again.