Month: March 2014

Higgins Beach

Miss living on the coast. This is how I picture retirement living. All the kids and grandkids invited 🙂

Matthew Richards Photography


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For my thirtieth birthday, I cleaned out my journal drawer. Well, it is not really a drawer, it’s a cabinet under my writing desk. Okay, I digress. In cleaning out this cabinet, I became distracted by reading a few of these entries. I have kept a journal since I was seven, so needless to say it was a long distraction. Well, I came across the following note I wrote at seventeen. I think that seventeen-year-old was a psychic because they were words that spoke to this thirty-year-old. Below are a few of those words verbatim:

…Life hands us things that are gonna change us forever. Life can change our perspective on things for life’s challenges ahead. Life can be cruel, but it can cause us to take a look at ourselves differently. Change is something that is always gonna be around us and is always going to happen. But, I think and I have grown to realize that things happen for a reason. God puts things in your life to make you think and for change to come about inside you. If it were not for the changes in life, we would not grow.



So, looks like I get to share this milestone with a pretty awesome-or better yet, rad computer company. 1984 was a very good year. I am not too thrilled, however, about this milestone. There is a compelling urge to stay in the house hiding until the time machine model Civic is released in 2034 so that I can go back to “correct” the last thirty years. Here is how:
1. Go to Howard University. You got in…find the money wherever you can. You will NOT save money by staying home two years.
2. Do not change your major to music. You’re just going to change it back to biology AND it is a waste of a year.
3. Don’t date that guy you think is so nice. You were better off as friends. Keep it that way.
4. Apply to medical school, not, well…
6. Tell that guy you kinda like and think is cool but nerdy you think he’s cool but nerdy. He’s gonna leave your congregation and you will never see him again.
7. Keep contact with your mentors. They believed in you.
8. Take the risks. You really must. It won’t kill you.
9. Laugh. Be silly. Who cares what “they” think. “They” have more hang ups than you realize.
10. You really will want kids by this age.
11. You really will want a husband at this age.
12. Two cats do not make you a cat lady…but stop.
13. Your parents will still nag you about…everything. Agree and keep your mouth shut. And do not move back home.
14. Believe it or not (I’m walking on…) everyone is going natural!
15. Yes, you lived to see the first Black President.
16. …twice!!! Woot!!!
17. Worry less. I mean it. It is going to nearly kill you.
18. You are way smarter than you think you are (and “they” think you are).
19. You are stronger than you think you are. Really.
20. Call your friends more…and stop sending them to voicemail…
21. Finish your book. The world has been subjected to Twilight. Please, finish your book!
22. Love again.
23. Keep moving forward. No matter what comes against you; no matter how dark it gets; no matter how uncertain the future seems, keep moving through the fog.
24. Keep health insurance. When you lose it you will need it the most.
25. Hold on to your faith in God’s love for you and plan for your life.
26. Not everyone who looks like a bear will maul you.
27. Teaching will teach you more than you have ever learned in school.
28. Don’t answer the phone…yeah, forget #20…let it go to voicemail and screen all calls with a 9__ area code.
29. Save coupons and use judgement.
30. Believe in yourself. You will find you have the greatest surprises your heart will delight in. Why? Because you are a pretty awesome girl.

Here’s one to think about: I took this snapshot of the Apple website featuring the Macintosh timeline using my iPhone. It’s saved to my Macbook.