Month: May 2014


You are still here.
I survey my progress and find I am still afraid of the wrong things.
I still listen to the whispers you feed my heart.
Another year of life chokes the blessing to live as another decade of life passed me by.
Ugly fear.
Reminders of unreached goals, broken dreams and an empty womb darken my heart.
Blessings of the winding road, fruitful path and full friendships have gone unnoticed and without thanks.
Because I stand here afraid
At the crossroad where fear questions my faith and shames my heart when I realize I am wrong.
Accusing fear.
I’m not mad. I’m not angry. I’m not sad.
I’m afraid.
Yet, fear exposes my imperfections and I am humbled before the Lord.
I am human made in my Father’s image.
He has shown me where He carried me and I can hope for where He leads.
Fear in the Lord brings reverence.
Fear in distractions brings amputation.
Whether you are walking in sunlight or waiting for the flood gates to open,
Fear can seep in.
Yet through it all, truly commit to trusting in His gracious and guiding hand.
No more will I walk the path of fear.
I will fear the past, present and future no more.
There is no reason to be anxious and envious,
Hungry for revenge.
If we call ourselves disciples,
How is it we know Him not?
His will so foreign to plans we made
If we trust in His will,
We have no fear of tomorrow.
If we believe His will is better than ours,
Why do we still manipulate the plan?
We ask, we seek, we knock
Do we not receive?
Both trial and triumph under the Great Guiding Hand?
His way is greater, even when you cannot see.

…for your Father knows what you need before you ask. –Matthew 6:8