Month: November 2014

“Cinderella” in 2015

Someone thought to send this to me. Yes, I LOVE Cinderella…from 1950. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be spending the $8.50 to see this when it comes out in the Ides of March. I’m not hating here, but it really seems to be missing something genuine that the original animated film (1950) continues to bring each time I watch it. It could be the dialogue chosen for this trailer. Maybe the original film’s influence has tainted my view of what a retelling by Disney might bring. I may be skeptical of Disney, but I think I’m in good company (just remember every good movie and the awful sequel, cartoon series, and over done milking until you loathed that first movie). I’m still holding my breath on Star Wars…don’t make me pass out.


So, I spent about $10.50 to see this…and I can tell you the trailer is not giving justice to this movie. Ignore the numerous trailers attempting to make this into something other than what it is; pure Cinderella. This is a fantastic and rich retelling with fashion nods to the 1950 classic. Disney, you just may get my hopes higher (than average) about Star Wars.