Month: November 2015

“Human Self-Centeredness”

Beyond my personal and ethical beliefs, I am quite speechless but not surprised. I don’t and may never have children of my own. However, this is such a misuse and disappointing result of science. I really don’t see bringing life into this world being this important. Having children is a decision we make, whether we admit it or not, selfishly. I will not die because I do not have a child biologically. Adopting is perfectly fine for me. And once I am financially stable I just may. But now there are enough kids and adults in my life to make me appreciate going home to quiet time. I posted the comments from a reviewer by the name of Carol Bauer.

“I see this as a proof of human self-centeredness, how far people will go to “have” something they want, even if the “object” of their desire risks suffering lifelong consequences of a selfish act they had no part of.”

Really couldn’t have said it better.