I thought I would update my “About” page to say something about me. The thing is, I have never been that great at talking about myself. I guess I could talk about how I recently took a trip to New York, and fell in love. Not really interesting, though. Well, maybe you would like to know about my two cats, Casey and Kilala. Casey is a boy and Kilala is a girl. Both of them fell into my lap, well at my doorstep. I was given Casey, my big baby of a Tabby! Then, about a year later after I went through a painful breakup, Ms. Kilala the Tuxedo shows up. She was full of fleas, worms and malnourished. After taking her to the vet, and feeding her around the clock, five years later she is the lady of the house! The vet doesn’t even recognize her as the same stray that showed up that day in his office. I’m sorry if you are not cat people. My parents just found a black labrador puppy and named her Lacey. Maybe you would like her! Nope? Okay, well this is not the blog for you!


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