A Mother and her Son

I saw this yesterday on Mr. Solomon’s YouTube channel. This is a timely and vivid portrait of the pain a mother feels for the loss of her child. It is my prayer that we come to an end of the senseless and meaningless violence that takes the lives of so many sons and daughters in my community. Before anyone says “It is not my problem,” or “That’s not my neighborhood,” you must realize that someday it could be. Tomorrow may see our sons and daughters slain in the streets if we do not fight the hate of today and ignorance of yesterday. If our past is not our schoolmaster, our present will be our misery and a pit will be our future.



“We are Living Single”

There was a discussion yesterday evening I had in a bible class that lead to this topic. I love this message because it gets lost when we become anxious and nervous about things yet to come. We begin to look around and we often lose our focus on the present time we are in. God calls us to live without worry, without care, and without want for anything. If you are still single at a certain age, be of good courage and continue to serve God in Faith without despair or want for another human being. It gets tough at times, but don’t live in despair because what you see and want are not coming “fast enough” or you feel like you are “running out of time”. And to my wonderful fellow “single ladies” of our generation: please remember that you are single until marriage, no matter how boo’d up you think you are. This is a time of preparation, so be sure you are using it wisely. Let go of the fear and be sure that you prepare your life, your mind and your heart to not only love that person, but to allow them to truly love you in turn.
Peace and love

The video above is from Check out his channel, it has some great nuggets of gold.

Knowing Who You Can Take With You and When You Cannot Go With Them

As we progress through life and the stages thereof, people will begin to weave into our story and we will inevitably weave into their story. Some of these will be people who stay until the end and others will truly only be in our lives for a short season. Too often we want to keep the people in our lives that were only meant for a short time. They usually forced us to grow in an area; some taught us to love deeply, some taught us to live outside ourselves and some showed us that life is not always kind. It is important to know one person from the other and when to let go.
Some of this has been said before and becomes cliché. However, what is usually not said to us is the opposite: you must also know when you must leave. This is not the vain “I have grown tired of this friendship/relationship” leaving. This is the loving way of allowing your friends and family to grow beyond where you are. To do this one truly must step outside of her wants and recognize when the other person is stretching beyond where they both are at the moment. It takes an honest self-awareness that many of us do not have in youth.
I mentioned that my two sisters are both leaving to go in different directions this fall. One of my sisters is moving to NYC and the other to DC. A few weeks ago, one of my sisters and I went out with a few friends. One of my friends pulled me aside as we were standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. He asked me why I had not considered going to New York with my sister. I dismissed him, as he is a native New Yorker and partial to the decision. He pressed the issue by giving valid reasons for the move and I began to think about it.
Why was I against going?
The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that it was not for me to go with either of my sisters. It was my sister who dreamed of a job in New York, not I. It was my sister who was accepted to a graduate program in DC, not I.
Over the next week, my mother asked the same question and even insisted that she and my father would feel better if I went with my sister to New York or at least accompanied my other sister to DC. At this point I began to understand the hesitation I felt.
These are not my moves and they are not my paths. These are not the places I can go. I have to let them go alone. I have to let them run their races.
Being the oldest, in all that my sisters do I support them. However, their goals are not my goals, their dreams are not my dreams and most importantly, their paths are not my path.
From high school through college I have met some great and wonderful people. But many of these people have moved beyond where we first met. On the other hand, I have moved beyond where we first met. We may talk occasionally, however the path set before us began to diverge. It is important to recognize when and where that path diverges in a relationship and understand that you may not be able to follow their path. The load we carry may exceed the limit of the road ahead of them, and we could cause harm to everyone as we try to cross the bridges on that road. We are called to run our race, not our brother’s or sister’s. So, lay aside every weight and run your race on your path. Don’t look around at others because their race is not yours. Keep your eyes fixed on your goal and trust that God will give you what you need to finish the race, fight the battles, and jump over the rocks that line your path. We should never forget that sometimes the roads diverge, but if we were striving for a common goal of love, they will share common intersections. No, I may not be able to come with you. We each have a journey that is unique to us alone.